This is my 100th official post to the blog!  I spent a small amount of time trying to come up with some sort of cheesy, bloggy way to celebrate, only to eventually decide most of the ways were, well, cheesy.  So I’ll just say that it’s been a lot of fun writing those 100 posts, and I’m looking forward to the next 100.  It certainly feels like the blog has found it’s legs so to speak, and I’ve got a couple surprises in store for the next few weeks I think you’ll enjoy.

With that introduction, there seems no better topic for post 100 than the 2009 version of my Entrepreneurial Qualities Survey.

This year’s survey builds upon the one I ran last year, both in content and approach.  (You can skip over to my recap of last year’s survey if you want to catch up.)  I’ve formatted this year’s survey to be more tightly focused on entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial support personnel, so it will be interesting to see if the results change any.  Also, I’m capturing just a bit more information from entrepreneurs (two questions), which should let us do some basic (read: unscientific) analysis of whether entrepreneurs from different disciplines value different qualities.

This year’s survey isn’t quite as wide open as last year’s.  This year I’m limiting feedback to three types of individuals:

  1. Entrepreneurs, of course
  2. Entrepreneurial support personnel
  3. Investors

Finally, I’d like to thank Niki for taking a preliminary look at the survey and giving me some great feedback.  Niki is a doctoral student at a local university focused on studying the science of entrepreneurship.

In honor of the 100 post milestone (and to test my social networking skills!), I am targeting 100 responses for this year’s survey.

Take the DCO 2009 Entrepreneurial Qualities Survey

Feel free to share this survey with anyone that falls into one of the three categories above.  If you received this post via E-Mail, simply forward along.  If you are reading this on the website, then use the green “Share This” button at the end of the post.  If you have me in a feed reader/aggregator, there should be an “Email this” link at the end.

I will keep you updated as to survey progress.  The sooner we get to the 100 response target, the sooner we can start looking at the results.  Thanks for all your help.