How to Hire the Right Internet Marketing Company

There is this rule to “hire slow, fire fast”.

There is a reason why the hiring process has to be so slow as compared to firing. That is because hiring has huge consequences for the company. And if you don’t get it right, if you don’t hire the right talent that fits, you may undo the progress you have made so far in business.

Hire the right internet marketing company

This applies strongly to Internet Marketing. Today, a company’s marketing strategy is nothing if it doesn’t include digital or online marketing. Aside from the normal advertising and promotion, the huge benefits that this kind of marketing can bring to your business is phenomenal.

Who is the Right Internet Marketing Guy/Company?

If you were searching for a good body guard to employ, you will look for one with military background and experience. One who is well-physically built, alert, 20-20 vision, courteous and actually cares about you.

This may sound easy to do, but it is not. People are different.

You may find one with those attributes, but their work ethic may not fit into what you want in a bodyguard at that particular point in time.

That is the same thing with the right marketing firm. They may be the greatest in the world right now, but not the best fit for you. And if you own a startup company, you need one that fits right into your budget – comfortably.

So, in our experience, we are going to tell you some things you should look out for when hiring your new marketer.

Check online and read reviews

In this time and age, many of our searches for almost anything begin online. If you are looking for a good marketer, you can start online. There are professionals on sites like LinkedIn.

You just have to be very careful with who you hire. These freelancing sites offer ways you can assess the abilities of who you are about to hire and even show their portfolio. There are also reviews you can read.

For a firm situated somewhere on the surface of the earth, you can read their reviews on Yelp.

Read their case studies

This is where it is beneficial to deal with those professionals who own a website. Some freelancers don’t have this.

A smart internet marketing firm will have a section on their website dedicated to case studies. You can read this and see how they served their clients in the past. Then you can decide if they’re actually good at what they do.

Ensure they have a strong standing in the industry

You can tell from their social media pages and their blogs. Do they make posts that come from a place of professional proficiency? Are they recognized and respected in the industry? Do they participate in major marketing events?

Are they up-to-date in 2019 online marketing?

The internet is always changing and so is the marketing aspect of it. For example, Google continually upgrades and tweaks their SEO strategies to deliver the best contents to their users. Facebook also makes changes to their algorithm so that they make the networking experience better for users.

Does this marketer know this? This is something to keep in mind when interviewing one for the job.

Do they specialize?

There are many aspects of online marketing.

There is content marketing, social media marketing, web design, etc. Specializing in one or more of these that actually connect (that is, requires the same skills to work with) is a characteristic of a true professional.

Someone who is great at SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and has the right skills should be smart about web design. They would know how the website needs to be structured so it can attract maximum traffic. And even if they don’t, they would know one or two people who are great at that, which bring us to partners.

Who are their partners?

As we said above, there are many aspects to this sort of marketing. It is extremely difficult (maybe impossible) to be great at all of them. So a smart marketing firm should have partners who they believe are good at what they do. It’s okay to take their word on who they recommend since it is their reputation that is on the line.

Their partners speak volumes about them. If they partner with mediocre service companies, they are telling you that they’re mediocre too.

What are their plans and prices?

If you don’t ask about this, you can be exploited. Just imagine going to a store to buy a phone with no particular purpose in mind. You will be taken to the most expensive options. And if you have the money, of course, they will be glad to take it from you.
But that phone may turn out to be bigger than what you actually need it for. That’s a waste of money.

You should apply that when hiring too. Find out about their plans and prices. With the purpose of your business in mind, you can choose which one best suits your intentions. Pay money for what you actually need.

Do they fit into your purpose and work ethics?

Are they the right fit? As we said earlier, people are different. Your company might be a casual sales business on the internet serving millennials and the Generation Z. Do you think an ‘extremely professional’ marketing firm that normally caters to law firms is the right fit for you?

We don’t think so. We think their way of doing business might create some friction with your staff. And even if they do a good job, you may not get the best results for your money. A great working relationship fosters efficiency and great results.

Look into the legal aspect – Read the Contract

It is easy to overlook all the legality and ‘lawyer jargon’ on the contract, but it is very important to know what you are signing. Because once you sign it, forthwith and henceforth, it becomes binded by law. You can send it to your lawyer to read it before you sign it though.

Do they understand Reputation Control?

If your online marketer does not understand Online Reputation Management (ORM) in 2019, dump them. This is because they could be great at their job but everything could easily fail and they won’t know what to do.

Imagine a builder helps you build a mansion, and then comes a storm. The whole building could fall to the ground and the builder can only watch, totally helpless in that situation.

That is an online marketer that doesn’t understand ORM. Today, the internet is great for many reasons. But it can also be vicious. One bad reputation about you or your company can be very poisonous. It could pull down the entire system that you build and take you backwards, undoing in days all the progress you made in years.

You can do everything right from local internet marketing, emailing customers and blogging regularly with great content (good for organic SEO marketing) but if your online reputation is bad, you are not going anywhere besides down.

When hiring an internet marketer, this is one question you should ask them: What can you do to improve the online reputation of a company that was destroyed by a viral video on YouTube (or some other social network)?

Anyone who can give you a very intelligent strategy on how they will go about salvaging the situation is one to hire.

When you put these ideas together, you can most definitely make the right decision. However, as we said in the first line of this article “hire slow, fire fast” if the person or firm you hired is not the right fit, don’t hesitate to end the relationship.